Trans-Danubian Unitarian Diaspora Church

7623 Pécs, Madách Imre str. 9/A. III. 11.
Phone: 06-30-2821-665

Sunday Services:
Pécs: Every second and fourth Sunday  11 AM, at the Reformed Church building.
Before the service at 10 AM, Religious Education for children.

Székesfehérvár: Every third Sunday 10 AM. in the Lutheran Church small building.

Polgárdi: Every third Sunday,  15 PM, in the Unitarian meeting house, Kossuth str.  Nr. 94.)




   Minister:  Rev.  Ernő Máté,

Ministers address:
7623 Pécs, Madách Imre str. 9/A. III. 11.

Phone: 06-30-2821-665

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Short history:

The Transdanubian Church covers a large teritory, from Lake Balaton to the southern border of Hungary.  We can divide this teritory in two major parts: into Middle and the South Transdanubia, with two central cities: Polgárdi and Pécs.

The Unitarian church in Polgárdi has been in existence since 1886, and has had several ministers or supply ministers. The South’s central city is Pécs, where Unitarians were already present  during the time of the Reformation. Even a major dispute was held here: The Dispute of Pécs. During the Counter-Reformation the congregation ceased to exist.

In this area the Unitarian church was reestablished in 1990,  and since 2001 Pécs has become the center of the Transdanubian church. In Polgárdi, even though there is a church building, almost all of the members have died out. Only a few remain, and it is difficult to maintain church life because of large distances members have to travel from other cities.  

New members from Transyvania  have recently settled in Pécs, so that the church may become more viable again. But the minister holds Sunday services alternating once a month in Pécs, Polgárdi, Szekszárd, Székesfehérvár, and Kaposvár.

The minister, Rev. Máté Ernő, young and energetic, maintains contact with the membership by mail.

He has served here since September,  2000.