Füzesgyarmat   Unitarian  Church

H-5525   Füzesgyarmat, Széchenyi str. 77.
Phone: 36-66-491-894

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Minister:  Rev. László Balázsi

H-5525   Füzesgyarmat, Széchenyi str. 77.
Phone: 36-66-491-894

Church Building

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Short hisory:

Unitarianism has been present on the Great Hungarian Plain since he time of the Reformation. In Temesvár, under the leadership of Pál Karádi, a new bishop’s office was established in addition to  the one in Kolozsvár. But during the Counter-Reformation, and  the teritorial conquest by other protestants, the Unitarians were diminished, though not distroyed. During the second half of the 19th century the church was reestablished. It was organized in 1902, when 150 families left their former church and became Unitarians. They invited a Unitarian minister and in 1903 built the church, which was dedicated by bishop Ferencz József.

In 1911 they built a bell tower to the church, established a Unitarian school and built the parsonage for the minister.  It became a vibrant Unitarian congregation.  But the two world wars  and 50 years of communism made church activities impossible: everything broke down: no activity, no minister, the buildings deteriorated.

Only after 1989 did the situation change. A new minister arrived in the person of Balázsi László, who reorganized the church.  Every year there are different major events.  In  the past ten years there were more baptisms and confirmations than in the previous 35 years. The minister is very active, has a good reputation,  and is invited widely to talk and to preach.

The congregation also has a fellowship in Gyula.