Pestszentlőrinc   Unitarian Church

H-1181  Budapest,  Szervét Mihály tér   1.


Minister:  Rev. Ilona Szent-Iványi
Address:  1181 Szervét Mihály tér 1.

Office hours: monday: 9-13 am
                     wednesday: 9-13 am
                     thuesday: 14-18 pm
or with previous appointment.

Sunday Services every Sunday 11 AM


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Church building.

   On June 15th 2002. was held a child service and a courtyard party.

Millenium events in the Church, where it was present Dr. Mádl Ferenc, president of Hungary


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Inside of the church, with the candle.

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Lord table, organ and pulpit.


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History of the church.

After the Peace Treaty of Trianon in 1920 many Unitarians left Transylvania and settled in Hungary. A group of  such unitarians arrived to Pestszentlőrinc and organized the Unitarian church there. At first they did not have a minister, but the minister from Budapest came to hold the services. Then, in 1928 a young minister, Pethő István came from Transylvania and started to organize the church and to keep the Unitarians together. He held Sunday services in 7 or 8 localities.

After a while the city gave them a place for services, a 10m x 10m shed, but the members wanted to build a church. In place of the shed the foundation of a new church was laid in 1935. Máté Géza made the plans for the church. In April, 1936 the first service was held in the church, which was still nfinished outside. But the members worked fast and they finished it quickly, so it could be dedicated in 1936.

The pews, the chandelier and the pulpit it were made by a Unitarian carpenter, Damonkos Albert, as a gift to the church. The first pump organ was donated by Czirmay György. The activity of the church started to expand. But the Second World War put an end to it. People went into hiding, but the church building survived the bombings. After the war ended, people moved back to their homes and the church life started up again. New Unitarians arrived from Transylvania, who found a home and friendship in this church.

The only missing part of the church was a bell. In 1948 the youngest son of the minister Pethő István became very ill. The minister and family promised that, if their son got well, they would donate a bell to the church. This actually came true and in the Summer of 1949 they consacrated the bell.

The second minister was Jakab Jenő.

He was followed by Rázmány Csaba, who served from 1995 until 2000.

Since 2000,  the minister has been Adrienne Szász until 2009.

Recently the church minister is Rev. Ilona Szent-Iványi.